Reputation Monitoring

Have you recently checked to see how your business is listed online?

Many businesses are quickly beginning to realize the impact online reviews can have on their business. In an age where social media and consumer generated content dominates the Internet, it is only natural for your customers to be talking about you online – especially if you’re a private business owner.

You’re probably asking yourself what this means for your business. Well, reviews can have a significant impact on whether someone will choose you as their service provider or store. A recent Neilsen poll shows us the ways consumers are influenced to choose one brand over another is changing. Out of the people polled, 70% expressed they trust what other consumers post online.

Unfortunately, only the angriest customers are inclined to write reviews. If a business sees 100 customers where only 1 is angry, that customer is likeliest to take the time to write a review when they get home. At, we have a review generation system that serves as a one stop shop for happy customers to review your practice on the spot. We make it very easy for your customers to like, review, and comment on your Facebook, Yelp, and Google review pages.