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Google Adwords
Adwords & Bing Advertising

Pay-per-Click advertising such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads is the only way to GUARANTEE that your businees will appear on the first page of search. PPC refers to the premium space located at the very top of page 1. Adwords & Bing Ads gets your website to the top of Page 1 immediately as opposed to Organic (free) search which can take upwards of 3 months or more depending on where your business is located and the level of online competition. PIMM-USA offers the management of an Adwords & Bing Ads campaign to clients interested in a focused, immediate approach that offers a high level of results. Results for Adwords & Bing Ads campaigns are tracked separately and assigned a unique call tracking phone number to generate specific reporting.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results. 1 of every 5 minutes people in the US spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram.

We will create an ad, then show it across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network to improve your reach.

Find people easily
You can choose your audience based on demographics, behaviors or contact information.

Get their attention
Our ad formats are eye-catching, flexible and work on every device and connection speed.

See the results
Our ads reporting tools show you how your ads impacted your business in visual, easy-to-read reports.

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