Word-of-mouth Advertising in the Digital Age

Online Reputation Management Services
Online Reputation Management

Many businesses are quickly beginning to realize the impact online reviews can have on their revenue. In an age where social media and consumer generated content dominates the Internet, it is only natural for your customers to be talking about you online – especially if you're focused on a local market.

You're probably asking yourself what this means for your business. Reviews can have a significant impact on whether someone will choose you for your services. Reviews are really the new "word of mouth". People used to ask their family and friends for a referral for a plumber or electrician, but now they are trusting their choices to a business' previous clients and customers. Let's make sure they're giving you the kind of reviews you can be proud to showcase.

Unfortunately, only the angriest customers are inclined to write reviews. If an electrician performs 100 jobs where only 1 customer is unhappy, that customer is the most likely to take the time to write a review. At PIMM-USA, our review generation system serves as a one stop shop for loyal, satisfied customers to review your business on the spot or in the comfort of their home or office. Make it easy for your customers to review your business on important directories like Yelp and Google, and comment or like you on Facebook. Besides earning the trust of new customers reviews help your business visibility in online searches.

What Review Generation & Reputation Monitoring Does for Your Business

With our Reputation Monitoring system your business will receive an initial report showing how and where you are currently being reviewed. PIMM-USA will develop a custom reviews page for your website with several different choices where customers can leave you a review.

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