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Modern, Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design means your website is automatically formatted and optimized with the best possible version for whichever device the viewer is using.

Desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone - your website will always look good and be easy to navigate. That’s a very good thing, because approximately 70% of your customers now look at websites primarily on their mobile devices.

Sites that are hard to read and difficult to navigate get passed over or ignored completely. By contrast, an enhanced experience gives users a positive impression of your brand and your business, which will lead to a higher conversion rate. Responsive website design is also a big ranking factor. Websites that are responsive generally load faster, which can increase its ranking and decrease the bounce rate. Responsive web design also makes social sharing easier, helping you grow a bigger audience.

Don't let your webpage ranking suffer needlessly. Let PIMM-USA build you a responsive, mobile enabled, SEO-optimized custom website today!

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