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6231 Stringer Avenue, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87191 (782) 481-9918
6231 Stringer Avenue
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87191
(782) 481-9918

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Helping your company thrive while creating a healthy and productive environment requires a highly effective personnel management infrastructure. By developing and administering programs that create best practices, we can help your company cultivate optimal performance, satisfaction, and engagement.

At Goodman Human Resources, we provide consultants, training, and support services to address the needs of your specific company or organization. Whether you're looking to hire new talent, form a relationship with a new contracting company for short-term large-scale projects, or need help navigating compensation and benefit plans, we have the expertise and connections you'll need.

Call us today to schedule a meeting with a dedicated consultant. Let us show you what it means to work with one of the highest rated HR companies in the country.

Some of
Our Services

  • The recruitment and hiring process
  • Compensation systems & incentives
  • Performance, aptitude & other assessments
  • Company benefits planning
  • Executive and personnel search services
  • Personnel and management training
  • HR staff training
Goodman Human Resources was absolutely essential in staffing my company with the best, most qualified individuals available. They presented a list of top candidates and helped coach me through the recruitment process, pointing out things to look out for, and potential red flags.
Frank S.
The time came for my company to implement a brand new benefits package for our employees, and Goodman Human Resources were real life savers. My consultant helped every step of the way, landing at a solution that is perfect for both my company, and our staff. I couldn't have done it without Goodman Human Resources.
Kenny B.

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